I believe that the very best of anything is that which you create yourself, each with its own expression of creative emotion and honesty.

True inspiration is often fleeting, and impulse is frequently my muse. Each are welcome gifts that can vanish if not acknowledged swiftly.

My work relies on the language of color and the tangibility of texture, and is expressed across a broad array of media. Ceramics, small and large, glass and wax encaustics, rich pigment sticks, watercolors, fiber art, oils and even precious metal and stone work.


 What brought me to the richness of paints and colors was something that always flowed along side my life... through my young adult years, when I was raising children and continued even when I returned to school in my mid-thirties to pursue a very different career. It was simply always beside me like a brightly colored thread. Often this thread would weave its way through my subconscious with visions of color combinations that would emerge strongest during times of great joy and deepest sorrows. If I paid attention they rewarded me as they came to life on a canvas. This became especially important in the year of 2017 when coping with national stressors became more important than ever before. I painted approximately 50 canvases in the first half of the year with no signs of slowing down.  Painting commissioned pieces on canvas and board have brought extreme joy back into my world. 

 I spent several years working toward my BA in studio art and communication design at University of Tennessee. Later I graduated in psychology before obtaining a masters degree in psychiatric nursing from Vanderbilt University in Nashville.   I now prepare and grind my own paint from globally sourced pure dry pigments giving them a special depth, brilliance and beauty sometimes requiring days of experimenting to acquire the exact color and viscosity.   Strokes and marks are made quickly but deliberately resulting in the very embodiment of a fleeting moment of joy and  excitement.     -jw


All my work and images are copyright protected.  

Concepts in Clay

Forget granny's china. Lose the chintz. Ditch the antiseptic white dinnerware. 

What we all want and need is a way to showcase and complement the beauty of the food. My concept is simple. Choose the shapes you need, the clay body best for your use. Next, let's talk about surface. Do you want to see something simple and elegant?  Perhaps you want to emphasize surface textures, colorful or muted glazes?   There's even an option to add elements from your surroundings. Various organic compounds can be gathered and used in clay or the glaze. Let's talk about it. Let's see what develops. Let me make you some samples. Let's experiment with minimally processed native clay. Let me show you what is possible and how we can showcase and blend the elements of your art with mine.

"When the tablecloth disappeared from fine-dining restaurants, antiseptic white china went with it. Nowadays, meals from Noma in Copenhagen to Husk in Charleston are served on gorgeous handmade dishes—often thrown by a ceramist the chef knows as well as his butcher, farmer, or forager. And why not? It’s all part of that “artisanal” experience. Fortunately for home cooks and entertainers, well-curated shops across the country are devoting loads of shelf space to beautiful, useful plates, bowls, mugs, and more. From the potters who are breaking all the rules to the restaurants that worship them..." Bonapetit, November 13 2014, Belle Cushing